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Sandie is an energy healer, Empowered-Life coach, writer, poet, artist and intuitive. As a Reiki Master, and as your life coach, her greatest passion is to encourage and support you in your wellness recovery and spiritual growth. Through listening with empathy and compassion, and without judgement, she empowers you to find your ideal balance and to boldly embrace your true self. 
Sandie Walker is a certified Intuitive Reiki Practitioner and a member of IICT. 



In this time of covid-19 and social distancing, open yourself to the gentle healing power of a fifty minute distant HeartSong Reiki session.

Please contact me to find out how and why it works, what to expect, and to make your booking.

Reiki Distant Healing 

Distant healing is the practice of sending Reiki energy to someone not physically present through the use of the Reiki distant healing symbol. This symbol, which transcends time and space, brings client and practitioner together in a place of sacred healing, regardless of the distance. It works if you are two rooms away, several towns away, or across the country. Because the same energy flows to you, distant healing has an equally powerful healing effect as a typical hands-on HeartSong Reiki session. *this symbol is only available to level two and above Reiki practitioners*


Reiki energy activates your natural healing process, working on both the cause and symptoms of illness and imbalance. Reiki strengthens your immune system and reduces lethargy. Reiki relieves stress and anxiety, calms fear and assists in decreasing the effects of depression. The nurturing energy of regular Reiki promotes love and compassion toward self and others. Regular Reiki enhances spiritual connection, intuition, personal awareness and creativity. Reiki energy is acumulative ~ the more you receive the greater the healing. Why not begin your upward journey today. 

heartsong EMPOWERED-LIFE coaching

Are you stuck? Are labels, negative self-talk or limiting beliefs holding you back, holding you down? Are you anxious or depressed about the future? Do you have goals but can't seem to move forward? Do you want to (re)gain passion and purpose? Do you know something has to change, but don't know what or how? Do you want me to share hard-earned, proven tools with you? 
Then I dearly look forward to meeting you, to getting to know you, to sharing with you, to seeing you reap your deserved results.
Please contact me and book in your initial (pro bono) phone session.


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”



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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to book a consultation.

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